Tips for Transitioning Into a Lifestyle and Jobstyle of Passion Like Dakota Collectibles

The most common work and passion scenario is as follows. A woman has a dream of a business. They also have a day job. They probably have many (and many) other responsibilities to attend to). The dream of that perfect “barely-a-job” at all passion always slips between her fingers because it isn’t bringing in cash flow. It isn’t easy to achieve.

One response to this arrangement is to go to the extreme lengths. Quit the day job. Dive headfirst into the passion and do not surface until it is complete. This is impractical and something only done for those fortunate few who have money connections or a camera pointed at them in the movie of their life (with the ending already pre-written). But, women can transition their life from one based on a job to one based on a passion. It is possible.

Break Apart the Day to Day

Have a task that can be done every single day or week that is easy, achievable, and rather simple. The task could take ten minutes. It doesn’t matter about the length. What matters is getting it done. The task must be done every day or every week depending on preference (these are two obvious ways to break tasks down in a timeframe, though it doesn’t have to be either).

There should be a larger goal hanging in the future, but what does it take to get there today? How about tomorrow? Get out of the future and look at the present day. Commit to a simple task for the day.

Make a Little Room

One way to transition from a job to a passionate direction and a potential business is to scale one back in favor of another. For example, talk to a boss at work and see if they will be open to leaving an hour early on Mondays. Subsequently, use that new hour to do some task related to the business. It’s only an hour a week (and again, this is an example) but it will add up over time to actually getting the business developed.

These are just a few ideas to get one started, but they only hardly scratch the top of the large well of new transitional tips to take. Look at a company like dakota collectibles, born out of a day-to-day transition.

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